About QBiotics

QBiotics Limited is an Australian lifesciences company in the business of human and veterinary pharmceutical product development for the oncology and wound healing markets.  In 2004, QBiotics was established as a subsidiary of EcoBiotics. QBiotics was recently demerged from EcoBiotics to enable the companies to operate separately.  Please refer to  the Demerger FAQ for more information about the Demerger.  At 31 December 2016, EcoBiotics owned approximately 10.73% of QBiotics' ordinary shares on issue. 

QBiotics' current product portfolio consists of:

1. The anticancer drug EBC-46

EBC-46 is being developed for the intralesional treatment of solid tumours in both humans and companion animals.  EBC-46 is a novel small molecule isolated from Blushwood, a native shrub found in the Australian tropical rainforest. To date, EBC-46 has been successful in the local treatment of a range of  tumour types in horses, dogs and cats. Tumour destruction usually occurs within days with rapid healing of the site and no significant adverse effects when the drug is used at therapeutic doses.  EBC-46 is currently at mid clinical development as a veterinary pharmaceutical and late preclinical development as a human pharmaceutical.

2. The wound healing product WH-1 

WH-1 is proving to have promising potential as a wound healing agent. Anecdotal evidence gained from ‘real world’ animal clinical case studies treating dogs in the veterinary environment supports the ability of WH-1 to stimulate rapid wound closure, reduction or elimination of infection with good cosmetic outcomes in the form of low rate of scarring. In addition, in vitro studies have demonstrated the ability of WH-1 to selectively stimulate the migration of ‘wound healing’ cells to rapidly close the wound.  WH-1 is currently in early preclinical development for both the human and veterianary markets.