Partnering & Licensing

Partnering Strategy

Building productive and profitable partnerships

EcoBiotics' strength lies in the discovery and early development of a diverse portfolio of small molecule drug leads. To further develop these products for specific therapeutic indications we build partnerships and collaborations with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

Partnerships are fundamental to our business model and we appreciate the key elements that contribute to their success - good communication, mutual understanding, trust, flexibility and innovative approaches to achieving shared goals.

Currently we collaborate with industry partners in the USA, Europe, Japan and Australia and continue to seek new partners and opportunities for our chemicals and for our discovery capabilities.


Partnering Opportunities

EcoBiotics seeks opportunities to:

  • directly license and/or co-develop our small molecule drug leads;
  • engage in R&D collaborations that add value to our small molecule portfolio;
  • provide an R&D service to generate customised small molecule libraries for clients based on EcoLogic™;
  • co-develop our novel plant extracts for use as nutraceuticals and cosmetic ingredients.

For further information on partnering, collaboration and licensing opportunities contact our Business Development staff at or +61 7 4089 7777.